AppStrawbrandies distillery is located in Branford, the shoreline town of Connecticut overlooking the Long Island Sound. It is founded by Tai phan Lam, a Bio-fermentation researcher, in the summer of 2012.

After many years of research and experiments, Tai has developed the modern art of producing the ultra- pure and finest fruit brandies here in USA. Only the best ripened fruits and a special pure culture of selected yeast are used for the fermentation to produce the highly aromatic fruit wines in small batches. Each batch of fruit wine is then distilled slowly under strictly controlled temperatures in electric pot stills to produce the ultra-pure spirits containing all of the natural aromatic flavors of fruits. No artificial colors or flavors are added in the entire manufacturing process. The spirits are then stored in oak barrels for ageing before being filtered to perfection in small batches. The finished brandies so produced are rich, extremely aromatic, tasty and smooth for enjoyment.

Since it is a small, but modern facility for ultra-pure brandy making, visitors are welcome only by appointments.

Please contact:
Phone : (203) 464-6801